US Visa Medical Assessments

Dr Rosemary Aldous at O’Connell St Clinic is a provider of US Visa Medical Assessments, approved by the US Consulate.

Dr Rosemary Aldous is a Panel Physician, who under the guidance of the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Department of State, performs medical examinations  for Immigrant or Refugee Visa applicants (including Diversity Visas) applying for migration to the United States of America.

Non-immigrant medical examinations are also performed for visa applicants who require an overseas medical examination.

Panel Physicians follow specific identification procedures to correctly identify applicants and conduct a medical examination, including a Chest radiograph and necessary laboratory testing for submission to the US Consulate General, Sydney.

A booking is required for a Visa medical as it is an extended assessment.

O’Connell St Clinic  will do our best to help you through this process and arrange your medical examination prior to  your Consulate Interview.

If you have any questions please email our clinic on or alternatively please call 02 9241 1577.

To help us with booking you an appointment could you please include in your email to the following:

  • Name of applicants who need a Visa Medical Assessment
  • Date of your interview with the US Consulate
  • Case number you have with the US Consulate
  • Australian Mobile number
  • Type of Visa (Immigrant, Fiance, Diversity, Non Immigrant) you are applying for.