Our GP’s are highly trained in all areas of General Practice.

Our clinic also offers Psychology, Sports and General Podiatry and has Pathology collection onsite.

Telehealth Services
Corporate Health Services

Comprehensive health services to protect all members of your family.

At O’Connell St Clinic, our GPs have specific expertise in health care specifically for Men, Women and Children. Health needs are different at varying stages of life, and our team of experienced doctors are equipped to assist you in clinic or via telehealth.

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Sexual Health

If you’re planning a family, seeking advice on contraception, impotence, libido or sexually transmitted infection, our doctors are able to help.

Vaccinations & Immunisations

Vaccination and immunisations protect children and adults from preventable, harmful and potentially deadly diseases at home and abroad.

Corporate and Employment health checks

At O’Connell St Clinic we can provide your company with health promotion strategies, as well as pre-employment medical checks.

Skin checks and excisions

The most effective way to limit the risk of skin cancer is through prevention, early detection and regular check-ups.

Diagnostic testing
leads to the
best treatment

Our state of the art clinic is equipped to undertake diagnostic testing, including ECGs, spirometry and screening audiometry.

Exceptional health services all in one place


O’Connell St Clinic offers an on-site pathology service should you require a blood test.


Our Psychologist provides strategies to help promote good mental health and relationships.


Our Sports Podiatrists aim to make exercise as pain-free as possible.

Personalised care where ever life takes you.

Planning a trip overseas? Require a US Government Visa medical assessment? Our travel consultation with a panel physician provides you with all the information and vaccinations you need for your journey, so you can have the confidence and peace of mind to enjoy your time away. Learn more about US Visa medical assessments here.

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