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Women’s Health Week: Your 7 Day Action Plan – Health Checks

By September 13, 2020December 15th, 2020No Comments
Health Checks

Women’s Health Week – Day 7

Each day this week we will be covering a different aspect of Women’s Health. Women’s Health Week is a great reminder to take time out to check on your own health and continue to make positive lifelong changes. Today we look at health checks.

Day 7 – Health Checks

Making choices about your health is not always easy, especially with the amount of information now available on the internet. How do you know if the information is accurate? By knowing what regular health checks you should be doing, and what the key health measures are, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your health.

What are some of the health checks I should be having done?

The complete range of health checks required throughout life will differ from person to person. What is required will differ depending on your individual risks, medical background and family history. It’s best to speak to your doctor about what tests are required to maintain your health.

Heart and Cardiovascular Health

  • Blood pressure – check that it’s not too high. Every 2 years, then every year after you turn 50.
  • Cholesterol – check that it’s not too high. Every 5 years, unless at higher risk.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) – determine the best weight for your health. Every 2 years, then every year after you turn 50.

Ovaries & Uterus Health

  • Ovarian cancer screening – as advised by your doctor.
  • Cervical screening test – every 5 years after a normal results, from the age of 25 to 74.

Breast Health

  • Breast self-check – every month.
  • Mammogram – every 2 years, from the age of 50 (or 40 with family history), until the age of 70.

Blood Sugar

  • Glucose check – testing for diabetes. Every year if at high risk, otherwise every 3 years.

Bladder & Bowel Health

  • Bowel cancer screening – every 2 years after 50
  • Urine test – every year after 50

Sexual Health

  • Sexually Transmissible Infections (STI’s) – as required
  • Chlamydia test – as required

Skin Health

  • Screening for skin cancer – every year.

Bone Health

  • Bone health review – screening for osteoporosis. As your doctor advises, over the age of 50.

Mental & Emotional Health

  • Testing for anxiety, depression – as needed
  • Dementia screening – as needed, then every year over 75.


  • Looking for factors that may affect the health of mother or baby – when you are thinking about conceiving


  • Annual flu vaccine
  • Review if travelling overseas or prior to pregnancy

It is important to remember that the health checks required for one person may be completely different to another. It is best to speak to your doctor if you feel a health check is required. By being proactive with your health checks, you may have a condition diagnosed before it becomes too serious.

If you have any questions about health checks, our team of GPs can provide you with the help you need. To make an appointment, call our friendly team on (02) 9241 1577, or click here.